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October 2011

Click Chorus: Oct 31, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by James Brown, which makes today’s simple list of links far funkier than it deserves to be. ***** • CBS’s Bruce Feldman puts a tidy bow on the weekend’s action. • Ditto for SI.com’s Stewart Mandel. And his goes into quadruple overtime. • Take a look at the AP [...]

Week 9 Recap (10/30)

Ty and Dan debate the true definition of “Clemsoning,” break down the laser arm of Andrew Luck, and discuss all the Week 9 action.

Week 9 Preview (10/27)

Ty and Dan read passive aggressive e-mails, debate Brian Kelly’s success at Notre Dame, and preview all the relevant Week 9 action.

Dan Wetzel (10/26)

Ty and Dan talk with Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! Sports about BCS doomsday scenarios, Fiesta Bowl debauchery, Bill Hancock, Andrew Luck, and the Fake Dan Beebe.

Week 8 Recap (10/23)

Ty and Dan rehash college football’s eighth week and discuss Kirk Cousins’ Hail Mary, James Franklin’s casual dress Saturday, Clemson’s chances of going unbeaten, and Nick Foles… in a winning effort!

Click Chorus: Oct 21, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Alison Brie, proud California Institute of the Arts graduate, and, for my money, one of the better ways to begin a weekend. ***** • CBS‘s Brett McMurphy and Bruce Feldman have week 8 picks. • Things got interesting before last night’s UCLA/Arizona halftime in a fake ref/streaking/brawl kind [...]

Every Day Should Be Saturday (10/19)

Ty and Dan talk with Spencer Hall about Will Muschamp’s early marks, LSU-Alabama, the Big Ten, “We” Bombs, and a college football version of The Truman Show.  Plus, picks for all the big action during Week Eight.

Click Chorus: Oct 17, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Regis University attendee Bill Murray, because he’s Bill Murray and that’s good enough. ***** • CBS’s Bruce Feldman checks in with his Monday “Big Picture” column. He has many (earned) kind words for Miami QB Jacory Harris. • The first BCS Standings are here!!! • ESPN‘s bloggers have [...]

Week 7 Recap (10/16)

Ty and Dan break down all the action from “Tire Fire Saturday,” including Ohio State’s passing offense, a near “Clemsoning,” and more unfortunate uniform combinations. Plus, voice messages from rowdy listeners.

VIDEO: Playwatch Intro

Whenever it is that I get my own TV network, ordering episodes of Playwatch, a show that exclusively features college football coaches running in slow motion for uncomfortable periods of time, will be job one. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Bruce Feldman (10/12)

Ty and Dan welcome Bruce Feldman back to the show to discuss Clemson’s ceiling, the looming LSU-Alabama showdown, Urban Meyer-to-Penn State rumors, the misunderstood Mike Gundy, and a host of other hot topics in college football.  Plus, your e-mails and voice messages, and a Week 7 Preview.

Week 6 Recap (10/9)

Ty and Dan review an underwhelming slate of Week 6 action, discuss Urban Meyer rumors, rank the ACC, and analyze Texas A&M’s attempts to simultaneously win AND lose each football game.  Plus, your Reverbs and another round of “Nick Foles In A Losing Effort.”

Click Chorus: Oct 7, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Steve Jobs, Reed College attendee. ***** • Oregon beat Cal. LaMichael James‘s elbow popped out before James himself popped it back in. He’s more of a man than you or I will ever be. • Cal fans react to the third quarter Oregon onslaught. • TCU is going to [...]

Week 6 Preview (10/5)

Ty and Dan make their Week 6 Picks, talk about Missouri’s potential move to the SEC, discuss Michigan’s defense, and debate whether Clemson is 2010 Auburn in disguise.

Click Chorus: Oct 5, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Milhouse van Houten, who may no longer exist after the spring. More like Thrillhouse, amiright? ***** • Alabama and LSU haven’t even played once yet and CBS’s Brett McMurphy wonders if they could play again in the BCS National Championship. He sees things. • USC‘s defense is good [...]

Click Chorus: Oct 4, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Concordia University (Toronto) attendee Will Arnett. Arnett’s dropping out eventually led to me getting more Arrested Development, so kudos, sir. ***** • The trio of Ohio State players expected to return from their suspensions… were suspended again. So close! • Connor Shaw is your new South Carolina starting [...]

Week 5 Recap (10/2)

Ty and Dan delve into all the action from “Yardstick Week,” draw some conclusions about the top teams in the country, dabble with the possibility of four or five undefeated teams at season’s end, and discuss the raging tire fire at Ohio State. Plus, another week of listener Reverbs.