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March 2011

Here Come The Irish (3/31)

Ty and Dan welcome Eric Hansen from the South Bend Tribune to the show to discuss Michael Floyd’s status, Brian Kelly’s philosophies, the sudden rise of the Irish defense, and realistic expectations for the Notre Dame football program in 2011.  Plus, more news about players getting paid.  Who would’ve guessed?

One Shining Moment: CFB Offseason

A collection of only the finest moments the college football season has to offer, edited in a leading, unfair way. Enjoy!

Click Chorus: Mar. 30, 2011

Today’s Chorus is (again) brought to you by Tommy Lee, brief Nebraska drummer, and longtime strip club enthusiast. Who would’ve thought that yesterday would’ve brought the Fiesta Bowl CEO and Lee one step closer? ***** • Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker was fired for being laughably corrupt — using bowl funds to, among other things, [...]

OOOOklahoma (3/29)

Ty and Dan are joined by Jake Trotter from The Oklahoman to discuss Oklahoma as the preseason No. 1 team, the future of the Big 12, and annual Bob Stoops coaching rumors.  Plus, Verballer e-mails.

Hangover: Fiesta Edition!

Well this makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it?

Click Chorus: Mar. 29, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Pat Sajak, Columbia College (Chicago) alumnus. I condsidered using him alongside Trebek in last week’s video, but there’s just too much damn clapping and crazy sounds behind his voice. Gotta keep it clean, Wheel. ***** • Touted UCF QB signee DaMarcus Smith asked for his release just a [...]

Click Chorus: Mar. 28, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Don Draper, since we won’t be seeing him for at least another year, damnit. ***** • SI.com’s Andy Staples says Ohio State coach Jim Tressel is leaving his school few options in regards to his future. School president Gordon Gee might have to fire himself to avoid this. [...]

Click Chorus: Mar. 25, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by USC attendee Tom Selleck, whose Magnum PI character was aped perfectly on Archer last night with “Terms of Enrampagement.” If you’re not watching Archer, I’m not sure you should be reading or listening to us. Ok, I take that back. Watch Archer, though. ***** • If you heard [...]

Charles Robinson (3/24)

Ty and Dan talk with Charles Robinson from Yahoo! Sports about breaking controversial news, the drama at Oregon and Ohio State, and the impact his reports have had on college football.

Click Chorus: Mar. 24, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Arizona State alum Al Michaels (right). I don’t know if he’s fully bought into the Sun Devils as a top 25 team, but I’m all in with his former head of hair. NICE. ***** • CBS’s Bryan Fischer previews USC’s spring depth. It ain’t pretty, folks. • Here [...]

Click Chorus: Mar. 23, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by the now-late superperson Elizabeth Taylor. I don’t know if she went to college, but if she did I’ll just assume she’s a proud Richmond Spider. ***** • The 2011 SEC football schedule is out and you can peruse in list or grid form. Don’t even pretend like you’re not [...]

Third Degree: ACC (3/22)

Ty and Dan pose a variety of random questions about teams from the ACC in an attempt to make sense of 2010 and figure out what 2011 might have in store.

Trebek’s College Football Highlights

Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek took time away from his busy schedule to record highlights for 2010’s Stanford/Oregon game for us. What a guy!

Click Chorus: Mar. 21, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by thrilled VCU graduate Stephen Furst. Ok, he’s also Delta Tau Chi’s own … Flounder. ***** • While you were sleeping and/or poring over your horrible brackets, star Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd was arrested for “operating while intoxicated,” a fancy (misdemeanor) way of saying “DUI.” Because of a [...]

Click Chorus: Mar. 18, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown, a proud Akron graduate who should be watching the Zips upset Notre Dame today. You laughed yesterday at my Morehead State reference and look what happened. Don’t doubt me! Or the Zips! ***** • The NCAA upheld the suspensions of five Ohio State players [...]

Click Chorus: Mar. 17, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Morehead State attendee and perennial game show host  Chuck Woolery. The Eagles are in the tournament and won’t stop breaking hearts until, well, possibly today. ***** • CBS Sports’s Dennis Dodd profiles Stanford QB Andrew Luck. What I learned: He’s seen ZZ Top LIVE, which only partially explains [...]

Leaders and Legends (3/16)

Ty and Dan talk with Adam Jacobi about Iowa’s path forward, Ohio State’s turmoil and Words With Friends.  Plus, a very special presentation from Tim Hyland of About.com.

Click Chorus: Mar. 16, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by NYU alum Aubrey Plaza. Ugh, whatever. ***** • The other man in the Yahoo!!!!!! recruiting service story, Baron Flenory, opens up about his former recruiting service and defends allegations of steering kids to Oregon. Scandal! • CBS Sports’s Adam Jacobi previews Nebraska’s spring. He’s as optimistic as anyone [...]

Click Chorus: Mar. 15, 2011

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by political advisor and LSU alum James Carville, who must be just as excited about his school’s association with Will Lyles as I am. Also, Bill Hader does a good job aping Carville while wearing a bald wig, yelling Cajun gibberish, and shoulder-laughing. ***** • The State of Indiana’s [...]

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