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July 2010

Coming Soon: The Solid Verbal Shirt

Ty and Dan are proud to announce the release of the first ever Solid Verbal Shirt, available for purchase in time for the 2010 kickoff.  Made of quality, neutral-colored fabric, this shirt is a great way to show off your Verballerhood whether at an intense rivalry or an elegant dinner. Stay tuned to SolidVerbal.com for [...]

Late July (7/28)

Ty and Dan dig deep for college football news in the dog days of summer and find Lane Kiffin, Jeremiah Masoli, Bryce Brown and angry college presidents.  Plus, voice messages and Verballer e-mails.

J.W. Walsh (7/27)

Ty and Dan talk with Texas recruit and Oklahoma State commit J.W. Walsh about the hectic nature of recruiting, being selected as an Elite 11 quarterback, how priorities factor in when picking a school, and his opinions on drawn-out recruiting announcements.

Secret Agents (7/22)

Ty and Dan discuss the underworld of agents in college football, specifically the latest issues surrounding big name stars at major institutions.  Plus, voice messages from Australia, e-mails from fantasy football hopefuls, and some shocking VerbaCon news.

It’s In The Game (7/20)

Ty and Dan dissect NCAA 11 with game designer Russ Kiniry and chat about recruiting tips, gameplay engines, new tweaks to this year's edition, and online dynasties.

Smart Football (7/15)

Ty and Dan talk with Chris Brown from SmartFootball.com about analyzing television broadcasts, defining football lingo, recruiting to the spread offense, and how the option really works.

And Then There Were 12 (7/13)

Ty and Dan talk with Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune about his frenetic week of expansion reporting, the Big Ten's ultimate decision to add Nebraska, the future divisions of the conference, and the timeless "stine" vs. "steen" debate.

The E-mail Show (7/8)

Ty and Dan dive into an overflowing inbox and discuss 7-on-7 football, why Mitch Mustain should transfer, and the approximate number of 15-year olds a grown man could simultaneously defeat before being overwhelmed and crushed.

Attaq of the Non-AQ (7/7)

Ty and Dan analyze 10 of the best non-AQ schools (and Notre Dame) and discuss why Temple will win the MAC, why the Mountain West is TCU's to lose and why Houston's James Cleveland is a fantasy football all-star in the makings.

It’s the Preseason! (7/1)

Ty and Dan sift through a massive amount of listener feedback, delving into Tommy Tuberville's comments on the Big 12, team affiliations, fantasy college football, and, of course, Russian spies.  Plus, with only two months until college football kicks off... it's officially the preseason!