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June 2010

Man or Recruiting Machine? (6/30)

Ty and Dan are blown away by Scout.com’s Brandon Huffman and his never-ending knowledge of all things recruiting.

Post-Expansion (6/24)

Ty and Dan grasp for college football news with feverish conference expansion talk seemingly in the past.  E-mails, voice messages and piling on Lane Kiffin.

Winners and Losers (6/17)

Ty and Dan mull over Utah’s move to the Pac-12, Boise’s jump to the Mountain West, and the real winners and losers of conference realignment.  Plus, e-mails, voice messages and another round of “Where in the World is Dan Beebe’s Money?”

Beginning of the End (6/15)

Ty and Dan talk with Spencer Hall about the Big 12’s slow death, Dan Beebe’s pyramid scheme, Texas A&M’s culture, Larry Scott’s clever maneuvering, and why Univision should broadcast everything, including college football.

Summer Vacation (6/10)

Ty and Dan talk with Clay Travis about the NCAA’s decision to vacate USC’s wins, how the harsh penalties will affect the program, and the tall task in front of Lane Kiffin.  Plus, chatter about ongoing conference expansion and a giant pile of listener messages.

Pac-Attack (6/3)

Ty and Dan mull over the latest rumors of the Pac-10 eating the Big 12 and dive into overflowing voice and e-mail inboxes.