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December 2008

Solid Verbal Podcast: Episode #19 (12/29/08)

In their final show of 2008, Ty and Dan discuss their ongoing Solid Verbal Bowl Pool, unleash their New Year's resolutions for college football, and wonder what causes a young men to consider becoming male cheerleaders. E-mail: solidverbal@gmail.com

Solid Verbal Podcast – Episode #18

Ty and Dan encourage listeners to join their bowl pool on Yahoo by giving their picks for the first eight bowl games of 2008-09.  Plus: Who is Drubner? The wondrous hiring of Gene Chizik JoePa's curious contract extension Wacky e-mails E-mail the show at solidverbal@gmail.com

Solid Verbal Combine: “The Punt”

Ty and Dan compete in part three of the Solid Verbal Combine, a competition to see who has the bigger boot and can punt the farthest among the two hosts. Watch The Solid Verbal Combine: “The Punt� below or download the podcast: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WmOzMF1QOA Coming soon: The Test...

Solid Verbal Podcast – Episode #17

Ty and Dan discuss the schwag being given out to bowl qualifiers, the latest Solid Verbal Combine video, and the prizes for winning the Solid Verbal Bowl Pick 'em pool, which anybody can join here: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/bowl/group/37421 Plus: Reactions to bowl match-ups and last week's games More playoff talk Florida-Oklahoma thoughts E-mails from eccentric fans E-mail [...]

Solid Verbal Podcast: Episode #16 (12/4/2008)

Ty and Dan talk about Lane Kiffin's disproportionately hot wife, the tailgaiting scene in Corvallis, OR and the next event in the Solid Verbal Combine.  Plus: The SEC Championship game and why Florida will win Why the guys are rooting for chaos in the BCS The coaching carousel and the pure amusement of Mike Leach [...]

Solid Verbal Podcast: Dan Sings (12/4/2008)

Dan Rubenstein makes good on his bet and videotapes himself singing the Washington State fight song after the Cougars won the "Apple Cup" over Washington by a 16-13 score in double overtime. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3TMmrwwgEU E-mail the show at solidverbal@gmail.com.