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October 2008

The Solid Verbal Combine: “The 40”

Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein make good on their promise to compete in a five-event showdown of athleticism, intelligence, and wit.  In their first showdown, the duo competes in a 40-yard dash with little or no training or warm-ups. Watch The Solid Verbal Combine: "The 40" below or download the podcast: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE10rrw_f8I Next week:  Football [...]

Solid Verbal Podcast: Episode #11 (10/30/2008)

Ty and Dan hop in bed with iTunes as a featured podcast(?!?!) and release the first Solid Verbal Combine video on YouTube showing Dan's upset victory in the 40-yard dash.  Plus, the tandem talks about: The pillow fight that was Penn State vs. Ohio State and the wonders of the spread offense Ty Willingham's much-awaited [...]

Solid Verbal Podcast: Episode #10 (10/23/2008)

Ty and Dan reach the vaunted 40 subscriber plateau and plan out the madness of the Solid Verbal Combine.  Plus: Dan's trip to Austin SEC referees beating up quarterbacks Texas Tech hiring kickers that win contests Inmates hitting the recruiting trail The Pac 10's awful television arrangement This week's games Your e-mails Email the show [...]

Solid Verbal Podcast: Episode #9 (10/16/2008)

Ty and Dan are joined by SI.com's Stewart Mandel to talk about crazy Georgia football fans, the wackiness of Mike Gundy, and the allure of Abbie Boudreau.  Plus, the trio talks about: The Jean Skirt Phenomenon of Columbia, Missouri The resignation of Tommy Bowden from Clemson The Red River Rivalry What it's like voting in [...]

Solid Verbal Podcast: Episode #8 (10/10/2008)

Ty and Dan discuss the demise of Tony Franklin as Auburn offensive coordinator as well as a host of other hard-hitting issues, such as: The tailgating / sun dress scene in Morgantown, WV and lack of little brown jugs Preparations for the Solid Verbal Combine USC's shellacking of Oregon on Saturday night The wonders of [...]

Solid Verbal Podcast: Episode #7 (10/2/2008)

Ty and Dan eclipse the harrowed Phil Steele Threshold and talk about hard-hitting college football topics such as: The tailgating and/or sun dress scene at Clemson Oregon State's stunning upset of USC as well as the other upsets of the past week Oregon's chances of keeping Mark Sanchez 0-for-Oregon A preview of this week's games [...]