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August 2008

Solid Verbal Podcast: Episode 2 (8/29/2008)

Ty and Dan grapple with a variety of hard-hitting college football issues while battling debilitating technical issues: Dan’s trip into Gustav threatened Mississippi; Ty’s trip to “wine and cheese” country Oregon’s Nate Costa and his bum knee Penn State’s curious passing routes and rabid tailgates An eerie comparison between football guru Phil Steele and Lexington [...]

Inaugural Episode

In their inaugural show, SI.com colleagues Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein riff about a wild variety of college football topics, including: — Phil Steele’s unhealthy prognosticating skills — Lou Holtz’s goofy “pep talks” on ESPN and overrating of Notre Dame — Bubb Rubb’s random appearance in a national televised commercial for NCAA ’09 — Oregon’s [...]